Wedding Invitations Enclosures

March 15, 2010 – 10:50 am

Many couples choose to include some enclosures to their wedding invitations. The reason they do this is that some wedding invitations do not explain clearly where a wedding is going to take place. Sometimes the address is not enough. Enclosures such as helpful maps are needed, because guests might find it a lot easier to be able to find a location where a wedding ceremony is going to take place. Enclosures are helpful, because they provide more elaborated information comparing to what can be seen on the invitations. I can think of many other enclosures that can make the lives of every wedding guest a lot easier. These enclosures can be anything from save the date cards to pew cards or “within the ribbons” cards. Such cards can be helpful to guests. They can be also used aside from typical reception and response cards. Distinctive guests have the honor of obtaining different invitations informing them about the front row seating reserved for them during the ceremony. Choosing wedding invitations can mean a lot of fun for a couple, but it can also be enjoyable for family members and friends. It is a good idea to start ordering wedding invitations a few months before the ceremony is going to take place.

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